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Overcoming Mental Blocks, Anxiety, and Low Confidence in Gymnastics with Rebecca Smith

Today on the podcast, I had a great chat with former gymnast, coach, and Gymnastics Mental Skills expert Rebecca Smith.

Founder and CEO of Complete Performance Coaching, Rebecca helps high achievers thrive under pressure allowing kids to reach peak performance as well as maximum enjoyment.

In the last few podcast episodes, we’ve been dancing around mental blocks, what to do and how to help. 

I’ve received countless emails and messages about sons or daughters struggling with back walkovers, back handsprings, and flyaways. 

So many parents, gymnasts, and coaches want to know what they can do to help get through freezing up on skills, nerves, anxiety, dwindling confidence, and mental blocks, particularly as the season approaches. 

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You’ll learn the entire 3-step Mental Block Breakthrough Method that will teach you how to help your athlete overcome fear without being too controlling or too involved.


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Rebecca has worked with 100s of parents, clubs, and athletes on how to help get through mental blocks.

As for the podcast,

We deep dive into her experience helping people, and what works to overcome these challenges that so many gymnasts face.


We discuss:

  • Mental blocks are biological.
  • How to overcome the fear response in your athletes. 
  • Why the brain wrestles between logic and emotion.
  • How growing can impact fear. 
  • Communication is critical for success. 
  • The relationship you have with yourself is your biggest asset in overcoming challenges.
  • Parental pressure.
  • Kids learn more from how you behave than what you say.
  • Do you really need to post competition results on Instagram? And…
  • What to do if your gym is not open to change.


Overcoming Mental Blocks, Anxiety, and Low Confidence in Gymnastics with Rebecca Smith


Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science