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3 Key Gymnastics Topics Shoulder PreHab, Achilles Tears, and Strength Programs

Today in the podcast we are bringing you something very exciting, a little behind the scenes a peek at something we’ve been doing for the Shift community.

I run an online group called The Hero Lab, in which we have a private discussion forum and a community full of hundreds of medical providers, gymnastics coaches, strength conditioning coaches, and anyone involved in the sport of gymnastics called Shift HQ.

Recently we started doing a monthly Office Hours, which is essentially a free Zoom meeting for Shift HQ members to ask questions, talk about various problems they’re dealing with and also discuss current trends happening inside the sport.

We hosted the first one last week, and it went very well and so I wanted to share it with everyone because the conversations were fantastic and if you’re interested in broadening your gymnastics education this is a great thing you can do.

The Hero Lab and Shift HQ together have 50 plus hours of lectures and webinars on drills, flexibility, strength, culture, everything you could possibly want, plus the discussion community, which so many find helpful.

So in this week’s Office Hours, we had a discussion on shoulder prehab exercises to stay ahead of labral tears, work on general shoulder instability, and how to manage coming back from an injury.

We also talk a little bit about the Achilles situation going on right now in NCAA, and what factors I think are contributing to that.

Lastly, we have a really good ending discussion on strength conditioning and gymnasts lifting weights, where Shift HQ members share their experiences of adopting the hybrid model of strength and weight training and the progress they’ve seen in their programs.

So if you want to check this episode out you listen and enjoy but if you’re curious about The Hero Lab, it’s only £9 a month, and join our massive community of people:


We DISCUSS; What PT do you recommend coaches could give to start to stabilize a SLAP tear in the shoulder? Asked by Juston Ziegler

The NCAA Achilles Issue.

How many meets per year so you do to balance safety and risk? 

Hero Lab and hybrid strength training testimonial from Stephen David.

Why do you compete?

I’ve got athletes at various stages of injuries, what are some tips or ways to keep track of where the kids are on their road to recovery? Asked by Nathan Geffert


How do you decrease wrist strains and pains beyond basic stretching? Asked by Kathy 


3 Key Gymnastics Topics  Shoulder PreHab, Achilles Tears, and Strength Programs


Hope it helps!

– Dave

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS
CEO/Founder of SHIFT Movement Science