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Nick Ruddock’s Best Uneven Bar Strategies For High Level Skills and Long Term Health

Brace yourself everybody, because today we have an absolutely epic episode of the podcast. Many people have been asking me get someone on who has a special expertise in uneven bars,  due to how frustrating of and event it can be to teach new…
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High Level Gymnast With Shoulder Pain During Releases and Chronic Wrist Pain: From Clinic To Practice #5

It's been a while since I did another case study "From Clinic To Practice" type post. I wanted to get back to them, as readers send me a lot of positive feedback when I write them. During the middle of the season, I had a level 10 gymnast…
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Follow Up To Gymnast with Shoulder Instability and Pain During Overshoots, Plus Shoulder Performance Drills

A few months ago I posted an article related to general hypermobility/instability causing shoulder pain in one of my level 9 gymnasts. I brought up some concepts that I think are very important related to flexibility training, dynamic stability,…