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What Is SHIFT?

SHIFT is an educational and consulting company dedicated to helping athletes have healthier, longer, and more successful careers in sports and life. It was founded by myself, Dave Tilley. I spent my entire life in gymnastics, competing for 18 years in the Junior Olympic program and as part of the Springfield College Men's Team. I have also been coaching gymnastics for 10 years, and still currently coach in the Boston area. While at Springfield, I obtained my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and then went on to become Board Certified in Sports Physical Therapy, I also hold my degree as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach. My number one goal with SHIFT is to spread education that helps athletes lead longer, more successful, and healthier careers. 

Dr. Dave Tilley DPT, SCS, CSCS CEO/Founder of SHIFT 

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Why I Created SHIFT 

 I was lucky to have coaches and mentors in gymnastics who taught me very valuable lessons that go beyond gymnastics meet scores and getting new skills. The values I was taught, and the community of teammates I was fortunate to gain, were invaluable to me. They allowed me to not only develop careers I enjoy, but it also put me in a unique position to help others and make a significant impact on their life.

My number one goal with SHIFT, is to help gymnastics and other sports evolve so that more athletes can enjoy their careers, learn the same values I did through gymnastics, gain lifelong teammates, and eventually go on to help others in their own lives. By sharing new information that helps athletes perform better and reduce their injury risk, they can learn the deeper seeded benefits all sports have to offer like dedication, work ethic, being a positive role model, serving a larger purpose and helping others within the community, and more. SHIFT represents a constant pursuit of learning, constant growth, and helping athletes perform optimally during a long, healthy career. 



Dr. Dave Tilley has been a godsend to our gymnastics family, Salcianu Elite at The Academy of Gymnastics. Dr. Tilley has spent time in assessing Maile O’Keefe, a Junior International Elite, and our other athletes providing us with an injury prevention plan. At one point when soreness would not go away he took the time to assess Maile, then after speaking to her & watching her movement he provided Maile with exercises to stop the injury prior to it becoming a bigger issue. We can not thank Dr. Tilley enough for his knowledge and assistance in providing the gymnastics community a “new & improved” method of attaining the same results without the stress to their bodies. We highly recommend Dr. Tilley to all of our associates.

Tammy and Sorin Salcianu Elite Gymnastics Coaches

"Dave is a blessing to the gymnastics community, as a former athlete himself he understands how our sport differs from others and creates specialized programs for his athletes. His progressive outlook has helped a lot of athletes and coaches shy away from archaic ideas and move towards a more functional modern method of training"

Alicia Sacramone Olympic Gymnast

"As an Olympic athlete in the sport of Trampoline-Gymnastics I have various body injuries, aches, and problems- all of which Dr. Dave Tilley has helped me with. Dr. Tilley helped me with neck issues at a gymnastics/crossfit camp in Tennessee. His knowledge of his field and passion for helping and bettering others is extensive and ever growing. I trust Dr. Tilley and am fortunate to learn from him, any athlete would be lucky to have him or her on their team!"

Steve Gluckstein Professional Athlete

"Having Dr. Tilley on board with us at Power Monkey Camp has been incredibly beneficial not only for our participants, but also our staff. As a former high level gymnast, he has a unique perspective when dealing with athletes from all different backgrounds. His ability to assess origin of injuries and give relatable treatments to our athletes has been a fantastic resource. We are lucky to have someone with Dr. Tilley's knowledge and enthusiasm on our staff. "

Dave Durante Co-Owner of Power Monkey Fitness

"Pushing your body beyond its limits every day sometimes ends up giving you some aches and pains. Dave always knew exactly what to do both to help now & to prevent it in the future. I use his exercises prescribed to me before every competition & training session."

Jessica Lucero Professional Athlete - Olympic Weightlifting