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Understanding and Combatting the Elbow Injury Epidemic in Gymnastics (Part 2)

After publishing Part 1 of this article series last week, I was completely blown away to see the response it got. Along with making it's way around to thousands of people on social media, I also got quite a few emails asking questions about…
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A Brain Spill on Mechanical vs Neurological Effects in Physical Therapy (Part 2)

Stuff That Actually Relates to Treating People Based on all the really geeky thoughts I had and research articles I talked about in Part 1, here are some more clinical based thoughts on the mechanical vs neurological debate. Remember, just…
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Gymnast Care Podcast With Dr. Josh Eldridge Part 2.

About a month ago, I posted the link to Part 1 of this podcast with Dr. Eldridge. We talked about some really interesting concepts about gymnastics injury, training, issues related to strength and conditioning, and my using integrated gymnastics…