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Building Gymnastics Skill Basics & Drills, Motivating Athletes, and High Performing Cultures with Brett Wargo

Brett Wargo is a well known, high-level gymnastics coach who has not only been a positive voice in the gymnastics community. In his current role at Ascend Gymnastics, they are a great positive example for the world of gymnastics. Although…
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Aimee Boorman on Coaching Simone Biles and Offers Must Hear Advice for Gymnastics Culture Change

This is the 100th episode of The SHIFT Show and the podcast! And yes I have a HUGE surprise, Aimee Boorman is today's guest :) First, a huge thank you to everyone who has been listening and helped the podcast grow over the last two years. It…
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"That's The Way We've Always Done It" - 7 Dangerous Words in Gymnastics

With so much happening in our sport, many people have been asking "why has it taken so long to change?" It's a good question. While there are thousands of great gymnastics professionals who are constantly learning, keeping a growth mindset,…