Improving Overhead Mobility and Transferring It To Handstands : "Overhead Shoulder Performance Complex" Example

I had a great response from the post I put up a few weeks ago related to improving split mobility through one variation of the “Hip Performance Complex” I have been playing around with. I think this approach to changing movement and building it into skill performance can be really beneficial.

From Clinic To Practice #2: Take Away Tips From A Gymnast's Impact Base Ankle Pain Case (Part 1)

I got a lot of great feedback from the first installment of this series, which was related to a gymnast with recurring lower back pain following a healed stress fracture.  I recently had another evaluation for a gymnast who started getting pretty intense ankle pain with high impact tumbling during training.

Why Are My Gymnasts Hip Flexors Still Tight? Video on Hip Mobility/Control Progressions, Reasons 6&7 (Pt 3)

Here is the last installment of the article series looking at gymnasts with ongoing anterior hip mobility restrictions. Last week in Part 2 I went over why core instability matters and the role of motor learning in maintaining hip mobility. The week before I offered Part 1  discussing protective guarding, breathing, and the autonomic nervous system.

Why Are My Gymnast's Hip Flexors Still Tight? 7 Alternate Nerdy Thoughts To Consider (Part 2)

Last week I put up Part 1 of this post, talking about some possible underlying drivers of chronic hip mobility issues in gymnasts. Although I narrowed in on hip flexors, the concepts apply to a lot of other regions in the body that seem to be constantly restricted. I talked about protective guarding from

Screening Overhead Mobility in Gymnasts (Application of The JBJ Approach To Handstands Pt 3)

Last month I started writing about how I apply the Joint by Joint Theory proposed by Gray Cook/Mike Boyle into a basic gymnastics movement, the handstand. In Part I (find it by clicking here) of this article series I went over some background info, and talked about the key role of

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