3 Pillars For Real Change In Gymnastics : Education, Workloads, & Cultural Standards

I hope everyone is doing well during the ongoing coronavirus situation! My thoughts are with everyone as the world keeps rolling along.

Today I’m excited to bring everyone a great podcast chat I had with my good buddies Dave Durante and Chad Vaughn of Power Monkey Fitness.

They asked me to come on and chat about a whole bunch of things including

  • Why I feel education, workload systems, and cultural guidelines being enforced are the foundation to meaningful change
  • The new gymnastics workload system I have been chipping away at over the last year
  • How coaches and medical providers can best use the new science coming out
  • The myths and misunderstandings about gymnasts using weights during strength
  • My “do’s and don’ts” for approaching using weights with gymnasts

and much more! You can check it all out here

3 Pillars For Real Change In Gymnastics:
Education, Workloads, & Cultural Standards