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Danusia Francis Shares Her Advice for NCAA and Elite Gymnastics Success

I was really fortunate to meet Danusia Francis last year when speaking at GymCon with Miss Val and Nick Ruddock. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Danusia, she competed for Great Britain as an international elite, spent 4 years with UCLA Gymnastics under Miss Val, and has also competed in the 2016 Olympics with Jaimaca. She recently took on a job with College Sports America to help gymnasts get college scholarships, and will also be taking part in the Superstars of Gymnastics Events hosted in London.

I recently got to chat with Danusia about all her thoughts for NCAA and elite gymnastics, what it’s like competing into her mid 20’s as an elite gymnast, what she thinks some of the challenges of college gymnastics are, and how she manages to stay motivated/healthy during her training. I think my favorite part was when she talks about what it is like being coached by the legendary Miss Val. 

You can hear our entire chat on the latest episode of the SHIFT show here,

The SHIFT Show – Danusia Francis on UCLA with Miss Val, Staying Healthy/Motivated, and
Competing in Elite Gymnastics