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The 15 Books I Would Buy First If I Was A New PT/AT/Chiro Graduate Again

I've been getting a ton of messages from soon to be / new graduates asking for advice. Mostly Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, and Chiropractic students. I'm super flattered by this. I'm also happy to offer some guidance or insight. The…
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Brain Spill #5: Stress Neuroendocrinology, Physical Therapy, Epigenetics, and Youth Athletes:

My blog posts in the last few months have been on the "meta" side of the fence, talking about things like overcoming failure, coaching style, and life psychology.  I'm ready to dive into the wild nerdy rabbit hole again in a "Brain Spill" type…
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A Brain Spill on Mechanical vs Neurological Effects in Physical Therapy (Part 1)

Background  I think one of the most controversial / debated topics in the current Physical Therapy scene is whether mechanical vs neurological mechanisms drive effects seen for both manual therapy and exercise (spoiler alert it's probably…