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Rehab Tips For Clinicians To Treat Gymnasts with Extension Based LBP - Part 2: Subacute Phase

In Part 1 of this article series I went over some basics around managing the acute phase, and the importance of figuring out issues above and below the area with pain. I also mentioned some educational, manual therapy, and basic exercises I…
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3 Reasons Why Not To Stretch Toe Point In Gymnasts With A History Of Ankle Sprains

I wanted to blog quick about a scenario where it might be a good idea NOT to stretch a gymnasts ankles for a toe point. Ankles are one of the most frequently injured body parts in gymnastics with a variety of injuries from getting crunched…
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5 Easy Screens for Detecting Back Pain in Gymnasts

It's widely known that lower back pain is a huge problem in both male and female gymnastics.  Despite more education coming out and progress being made, I unfortunately still treat a ton of gymnasts weekly at Champion for lower back pain.…