Practicing Safe Spotting Mechanics (Part I): Squatting, Kneeling, and Height

After tackling a few joint and anatomy based topics, I wanted to reach for something a little more functional this week. In Physical Therapy (and in life) functional activities are really where the gold is. All the exercises, stretches, myofascial techniques, and joint stability in the world have little effect

Flat Feet In Gymnastics: Why It May Be a Concern and Tips To Help

This week’s post is about another very common issue within gymnastics, flat feet (or in medical terms pes planus). This topic is extremely important and frequently seen in both coaches and athletes. As I will explain, having flat feet (along with some other factors) may not only create foot/ankle dysfunction

Is The Way Your Spot Setting You Up for a Shoulder Injury? (Part II – Preventative Rehabilitation )

In Part I of this topic, I went over why practicing safe spotting techniques may reduce your possibility of a progressive or traumatic shoulder injury. Instead of going into more background information, I decided it would be more beneficial discuss the shoulder pre-hab information. I think that this content is

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