Follow Up To Gymnast with Shoulder Instability and Pain During Overshoots, Plus Shoulder Performance Drills

A few months ago I posted an article related to general hypermobility/instability causing shoulder pain in one of my level 9 gymnasts. I brought up some concepts that I think are very important related to flexibility training, dynamic stability, motor control, and the importance of technique in training. I’m happy to say that she is

Improving Overhead Mobility and Transferring It To Handstands : "Overhead Shoulder Performance Complex" Example

I had a great response from the post I put up a few weeks ago related to improving split mobility through one variation of the “Hip Performance Complex” I have been playing around with. I think this approach to changing movement and building it into skill performance can be really beneficial.

Are Dips and "Skin The Cat" Type Stretches Dangerous For Female Gymnasts?

I’ve been brewing on this topic for over a year now, originally sparked one of Eric Cressey’s articles on the possible dangers of using dips with baseball players.  Reading that article and some other literature made me start to scratch my head as to why many female gymnasts do a ton of dip work for

Up Your Gymnast's Shoulder Game: Reverse Bear Crawls, Reverse Plank Slider Crawls, Wall Walk Ups

Overhead shoulder strength and stability needs to be an essential component of every gymnasts skill work. Gymnastics is really unique in the fact that it makes the upper body and arms function as closed chained, or weight-bearing, systems. Training handstands is super important, but progressive conditioning and overhead stability work

Screening Overhead Mobility in Gymnasts (Application of The JBJ Approach To Handstands Pt 3)

Last month I started writing about how I apply the Joint by Joint Theory proposed by Gray Cook/Mike Boyle into a basic gymnastics movement, the handstand. In Part I (find it by clicking here) of this article series I went over some background info, and talked about the key role of

Quick Overhead/Posture Pre-Hab for Gymnasts – Wall Angel Progressions

One of the common trends I see in a lot of gymnasts I work with are issues in their middle spine (thoracic spine) and shoulder blade. Many times the gymnast gets “wide back” and rounded forward chest, with the shoulder joints sitting forward/rotated in, and commonly the shoulder blade pops up or

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