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A Must Listen Interview with Tim Gabbett, PhD - How Workload Research Can Increase Performance and Reduce Injury Risk

There are a handful of very well-known sports scientists and researchers around the world. One of those researchers is  Tim Gabbett, PhD. His work has been incredibly helpful to look at how spikes in training load are associated with injury…
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How Much is Too Much in Gymnastics? How Chronic Stress Impacts Young Athletes

Today on the blog I'm really excited to get out a new lecture that has been in the works for a while. It is one that I feel is the msot central topic currently facing gymnastics - how much is too much for young gymnasts? This podcast is from…
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Help Gymnasts Hit More Routines in Meets with These Essential Workload and Recovery Tips

It's around this time of the year that many people in gymnastics worldwide are gearing up for their first competitions. It usually brings with it lots of anxiety, an increase in training intensity, and unfortunately many times an increase in…