I’ve been really fortunate to meet a lot of awesome coaches in the last five years of traveling and speaking. These include gymnastics coaches, strength coaches, sports psychology coaches, and more.

Jason Leydon is someone who I have learned a ton from and really enjoy having some conversations with.

Along with owning a very successful strength and conditioning gym in Milford, CT, Jay has coached dozens of national and international fitness athletes.

I asked Jay to join me on SHIFT’s new #ExpertOfTheMonth series to chat about

  • 3 traits and practices he thinks every coach needs to be successful – communication, observation, and ego management.
  • The concept of stress management in high-performing athletes, and how to strike the balance between pushing athletes and easing back when necessary.
  • Managing team dynamics, and tailoring coaching styles based on athlete personalities.
  • What coaches can do for personal development to constantly stand top of their game.

Jay’s full nterview can be found here (just a warning he gets a little fired up and drops some curses, haha!)

Want To Learn More About Stress, Recovery, and Workloads in Athletes?

If you are interested in learning about the concepts of stress, workloads, and implementing ideal stress to recovery ratios, be sure to check out The Hero Lab’s brand new “Workloads and Stress” Unit. It covers all of the research and experiences I have had on this topic including

  • How to use workloads to increase performance, reduce injury, and prevent burnout in gymnastics
  • Essential Stress and Recovery tips for competitive season success using “The Human Bank Account”
  • Ways to Enhancing performance via planning, optimal stress dosages, and recovery tools

To view the full 60-minute webinar, and download all the resources inside, check out The Hero Lab page for enrollment details.

“How Much Is Too Much? Applying Workload Science in Gymnastics”

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