Gymnastics Injuries and "Controlling The Fall" Syndrome

This concept was originally sparked for me after watching and reading some of Mike Reinold’s work relating to injuries in major league baseball. The concept has lots of angles, but in a simple way (from what I gathered) he brings up how the problem with high injury rates in major league baseball might not

Gymnast Care Podcast With Dr. Josh Eldridge Part 2.

About a month ago, I posted the link to Part 1 (find the first podcast by clicking here) of this podcast with Dr. Eldridge. We talked about some really interesting concepts about gymnastics injury, training, issues related to strength and conditioning, and my using integrated gymnastics pre-hab in your gyms.

Tall Kneeling Drills For Gymnasts To Build Core Stability and Help Prevent Injury

There are a lot of different ways that coaches and gymnasts can increase the difficulty with core stability drills. Building good core stability is huge to both gymnastics performance and also trying to ensure protection against injury risk. Building proper core strength and proper core stability are both important. One

4 Gymnastics Related Concepts The SFMA Course Made Me Think More About

Over this weekend I had the chance to attend a two day course on something known as the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).  In a nutshell, the SFMA is an assessment tool that medical professionals use to investigate the factors contributing to someones injury/pain. It was taught by some really

Just Because A Gymnast Doesn't Have Pain, Doesn't Mean There Isn't A Problem

This week I wanted to share an injury situation that recently came up with one of our gymnasts, and touch on some areas I’ve been thinking on the last few months. I really think people in gymnastics would benefit from hearing and thinking about her story. Don’t worry, both her mother and her

Combating Achilles Tears In Gymnastics (Pt II): Pre-Hab Techniques and How To Help Possibly Reduce Injury

Last week in Part I of this post I outlined my thoughts on what some contributing factors may be to a gymnast suffering  an Achilles tear. I talked about some of the aspects related to the forces of gymnastics, biomechanical problems a gymnast may have like missing mobility, jumping and

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