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What Is SHIFT?

SHIFT  is a movement science and gymnastics educational company started by myself, Dr. Dave Tilley. I was a competitive gymnast for 18 years and have been coaching competitive gymnastics for 10 years. I currently work as an optional gymnastics coach as well as an Orthopedic/Sports Physical Therapist in Boston, Massachusetts. I also spend time traveling the country to lecture on movement science, gymnastics training, and injury concepts. Although I treat a large population of gymnasts, I also am involved in the fields of Olympic Weight Lifting, CrossFit, other sporting rehabilitation, and general population fitness. I use SHIFT to spread education on increasing performance, reducing injury risk, and helping people learn more about movement science.



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SHIFT Services


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Blind Change Heather

SHIFT originally started as a simple blog based on my experiences being a former gymnast as well as currently coaching and treating gymnasts. Based on who I treat, the gymnasts I coach, and the scientific literature I learn from, I try to offer those involved in the sport some new information to use in training or rehabilitation. In the last 3 years, this has expanded to other sports including Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, and others. Follow the link here to read up on 150+ blog articles from the previous years.


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Performance Physical Therapy


Champion PT Logo

I currently see clients at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance, located in Waltham MA. I work with clients to optimize their movement and performance, not only those who are injured. My unique background as a former gymnast and current optional coach allow me to have a one of a kind approach for the performance and rehabilitation of gymnasts. Along with gymnasts, I also work with many Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit athletes, and other general sporting/orthopedic populations. Champion PT is co-owned by world renowned Physical Therapists Mike Reinold and Lenny Macrina. If you would like more information on being seen or would like to book an appointment, please to email me directly or visit my “Work With Dave” page.


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Live Speaking


Following the first year of blogging, I was invited to speak at various events related to my current thoughts on both coaching and treating gymnastics patients. I had the opportunity to speak at Regional Congress, Make It Right Elite Gymnastics Camp, Power Monkey Camp, and various gyms across the country with Dr. Josh Eldridge for our one of a kind Gymnastics rEvolution Seminars. Speaking/Lecture events can by following the link here.

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