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  • Dave says:

    Working on it! 🙂

  • Georgi Holley says:

    This is a tiny thing on the home page that I thought was more of an ux issue, but turns out to be either a me or an ui issue. For the newsletter sign-ups on mobile, the horizontal lines which are underneath each newsletter name/title, I had thought were used to visually divide sections to keep track of which sign-up button goes with which newsletter. I thought the links and buttons had been shifted somehow, but turns out I was understanding the horizontal lines inaccurately—I thought I clicked for the fitness newsletter, but the medical one showed up, and when I thought I clicked the medical one to see if it would also be medical or if it would be different, the gymnastics one popped up, and at that point I took a look at the whole little section and saw where the misperception had happened. Ah-ha!

    If it were something worth taking the time to “fix”, my first thought would be to either move the lines to separate the sections, and/or adjust spacing between elements.

    🙂 I really enjoy your/y’all’s content! It’s super cool and important, I wish more coaches/instructors would consider injuries and technique—I’m doing strength and conditioning for a rec gymnastics class, so I’m trying to do my best! 🙂